Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is one of the beautiful modification of Proton Saga 2008 with smooth touch on

the body works and color. It can be nicer to drive if being seen like this. With RM10 per 73km compare with RM10 per 53km for MyVi, I think buying of this model is worth while. Of course considering on the quality, I found it acceptable a fews places except at the gear knob which I think too soft but overall are okey.

Maybe Yazid or Wan can think to buy this model, as I am also considering the same. Wanna try my imagination to modify this model with a bit different touch. An improved sound system may give extravaganza to this car. Small, compact and easy to drive with acceptable price tag, made this car a hot cake sales.

This pink panther colored saga looks attractive as well with smooth touch on the bodykit and tinted glasses. Thanks to the bloggers that uploaded it to the net for us to share.

To Yazid and Hashim, may be this can give you some ideas to modify national cars.

Your request have been fulfilled. Enjoy your stay and widen our friendship horizon...

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