Monday, June 16, 2008

We Are Legend....Ths is Our Legacy

This was the legendary football teams so called dreams team aka Swastika Kids which now became the legend of football superiority at SM Sains Miri. They football achievement were beyond reach. Their names would never be forgotten. Please give a great salute and respect to this young and energetic team that shocked the nation in EURO 1991 SM Sains Miri.

Sitting from left:
Sis Suntak, Sayed Hamzah Wan Ahmad, Ahmad Azrizan
Standing from left:
Myself, Mohd Zaihan Lek, Mohd Zaidel Hamid, Kamal Ariffin Bolhan, Indra Sakti Harun

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful time wtih Swastika Kids

Till now I was not so sure what made our Sayid deemed to be so attracted to Zaidel. I think both of them are handsome but sorry Wak Syamil is not in the list...

Sexy Pose by our fellow friends at Asrama Pelangi....
From left:
Ariffin, Nazim Zul, Fairul Tajuddin, Jamaluddin Budin, Abg Norhashim...

The great memories unforgotten when remembering the togetherness and the close friendship among those who felt the same.. warmst and strong bonding of silaturrahim and ukhuwah ...
Front row from left:
Abg Norhashim, Kamal Ariffin, Mohd Azmi Kassim, Abdul Rali Kassim, Ahmad Nazirin,
Wan Razaleigh ( sexy posing)
Back row from left:
Mohd Zaihan Lek, Indra Sakti Harun, Mohd Zaidel Hamid, Fakhrul Azam Dolek, Sharul Nizam Junaini.

One day when we all rest in peace, only memories stay exists..

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Zaid@Zaidel said...

Salam. Nangga gambar lamak tok teringat zaman dulu-dulu. Usaha yang baik ada blog macam tok. Teruskan, k.


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