Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi, I just came back from having some funky discussion with my lawyer friend , Fairuz Mazri on something more interesting to be shared with in regards with LOTUS BRAND issue. Proton said Lotus is belongs to them but at Tony Fernandez said their team already plucked the name from the owner.. But yet we all knew that the setting up the Lotus F1 Racing Team is initiated by Tony... Ermm.

Maybe it is good for us to refresh our mind on the establishment of Lotus F1 Racing Team and Proton's Lotus Renault GP.

For me both teams should reconcile among themselves. No point of arguing something less important. What really important is the objective of establishing the F1 team as initiated before.. May be Proton or even Air Asia forgot about something that they put together in the first place...

It part of 1Malaysia initiative, intended to promote UNITY amongst Malaysians .. REMEMBER?..
But now, how are these so called 1Malaysia 1Racing Team being able to promote UNITY amongst Malaysians IF they did not united among themselves..?

We are pleased to see our nation participate in the race with our own identity, our own drivers and our own technical specialists with assistance with foreign partners. That would be a good move to bring our nation another step higher but what is the point having a very good and noble cause if we busy fighting for a brand name that so far are not belong to us at the first place. 

Datuk Nadzmi and Datuk Tony should sit down and discuss in closed door on how to resolve this matter rather than taking the issue to court. If LOTUS name causing all of us suffering then both parties should drop the name from the team. LOTUS is always belongs to the Nation through Proton and it always will...

For me it would be good for our beloved national racing team to re-branded. what you think guys..?......
How about PROTUS F1 RACING TEAM for Proton Team and TUNESPEED F1 RACING TEAM for Tony's Group?.. 

So we leave to Malaysians to support which Racing Team is best fitting to be called 1Malaysia Racing Team..

Anyway a piece of advice.. Please put whatever disagreement over this issue behind the wheel and for the sake of the games.... LETS GO AND RACE.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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