Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Diary ..26th Jan 2011@ 9am

Not much happening today. A pretty boring. Less works in the office. No mood to take lunch or even seeing friends for a cup of morning coffee. Kinda moody or something.

But I received a call from Kamal dan Santi. Something good to be shared. As usual, business deals. Talking about selling land in Kota Samarahan dan Sri Aman. A good start. .. Pokai (broke) .. No money left in my pocket except to buy something really important...Salary??.... Along way to go... Waaaaaaa...

Today's news a little bit least giving me some serious thing to talk about....

A Mother Stabbed Baby to Death
What actually happened to our sense of humanity..?.. Keep me thinking our what will the future security for my kids. Are they safe enough to continue their lives in the future especially when I am gone..? Can they preserve such a good teachings that we as parent expects them to inherit?.
But Why they did it in Malaysia? Why?.. So many questions playing in the dark.. 
I hope those culprit to be sent back to their country and let them imprisoned there. No point wasting money on detaining them in Malaysia's prison which famous of good food and nice hospitality... Its a Malaysian Hospitality.                              
Lets all of us pray to GOD to together to protect our future sons and daughters from behaving like this....AMEN.

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