Friday, January 28, 2011

My Diary.. @3.00pm Ways To Make A Woman Fall In Love With You - Rule No.1

Top 21 Ways To Make A Woman Fall In Love With You

Some of us are lucky cause we are easily attracted and fall in love with someone. But there are people who feel that falling in love is one of the toughest thing in the world. They have no courage even a gut to express their feeling towards someone they really like. I fall in love before, keep loving presently but to whom the love I gave in the next after remain a mystery. But such mysterious thing will not as bad as those who struggled so hard to get the attention in order to love and being loved by someone.

Some love gurus provides few tips which you can try and it is related to what I am gonna ask you after this?

"What would you do when you met someone that you like in order to get her attention on you and eventually fall in love with you?... Here's few tips (but I am quite skeptical):

Rule No. 1. Call her .....This i called it "Early Booking".. Who knows, she might be expecting your call. Just to make sure you are the first person that make that phone call to her. It is quite difficult to get a phone number without a help so get somebody who is close to her. Maybe he or she would help you get it...But always get permission to call her.. If she think it is ok for you call her then go ahead or else dont try. Your net worth will be dropped of she doesnt want to talk with you. Be patience man...

As far as I can remember I did that for my wife but ended up owing RM800 with Celcom. Till today not yet paid.. hehehehe...But it is worth doing it..

Sometimes we talked for hours, from 10pm until the time I  hanged it up automatically .. ( I fall sleep man)... Even there were nothing to talk about but  it just kinda wanna hear her voice.. 

But at least I got my wife...u???....
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