Friday, January 28, 2011

My Diary... Special Community Announcement.... A Baby Was Kidnapped in Kuching..

To all friends,

I would like to draw your attention on the current incident happened at one of children nursery in Kuching today, 28th January 2011. A one year old female baby whose father is my friend Rashid, has been kidnapped by two suspects using a MYVI WUS948  WHITE IN COLOR. The suspect is a man with a long hair and a lady using muslim scarf has been spotted taking the baby from the nursery.

Should you see this vehicle , please kind notify the nearest police station or call Encik Rashid at 019 6267828.

Any friends who work with JPJ or PDRM , please lend your assistance to help Rashid. Knowing the ownership of the car will expedite the serach of the baby..

I feel so sorry for what had happened to Rashid and we share our concern and pray for the safety of his baby..

Thank you..


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