Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tria Yuliani & Ahmad Zaid Norwawi Wedding onToday 28th Jan 2011

The most wonderful day in our live when we prepared and ready to get married to someone that we loved. Today, I spent sometimes attending a marriage ceremony of my cousin Tria Yuliani with her bride, Ahmad Zaid Nawawi at Matang Avenue, Kuching, Sarawak. I thought I was the last person to arrive but.. actually I am the last cousin arrived hehehehe...
All of my other brothers,sisters, cousins and relatives were there and the ceremony just about to start when i reached there. My wife and daughters also joined me... Wow ala carte style.. Good menu and the taste of the food also gooddd... I remembered the day I sit on the dais, felt so nervous.. You know this is the first time I get married.. If so many times may be I am a bit relaxed....But I not talking about myself today.. So many things happened and I wanna start with my cousin marriage ceremony..

Errmm..not many people coming. Maybe today event is just for closed family.. I spent most of my time there taking pictures of the brides but difficult to find a good spot as of course the best spot normally taken by the hired photographers.. Seee.. I told you....hehehehe..
The handsome and the pretty brides sit in the middle of the floor in front of Tok Kadi who then retired to allow the bridegroom's father to become a Kadi .. I think the post of Wali really did not fit him, That's y he prepared to overthrown the present Tok Kadi.. There were few conversations which I put on the photos for your references in the future...

What..?...My photos...? Oh ya forgot to tell you all about my photos. Wait 1 minutes..!!..Ok lets go and have a look:..

Not bad.. My photo taking style is really good too.. I think.. What do you think?..

Last but not least, wishing both of them happy ever after.. To the rest of my yet to be married cousins... BILA LAGI...?????

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