Thursday, February 3, 2011

12.58pm.... Wonderful Ex-SM Sains Miri Student Gathering..

Very tired today after late return from gathering with our old friends followed by another appointment with the lawyer this morning in regards to the some industrial court case against the government agency. There are a lot of cases like this these days. Our people awareness on protecting their rightful claims becomes one of the major social transformation. During the past 20 years, our nation never experienced such a big quantum leap. Young generation crossed old tradition in their fundamental knowledge on legal and litigation matters. Husband can sue a wife even a father can sue a son and vice verse. Nowadays, we can see people using proper legal channel to voice out their dissatisfaction over something which is good as compared with fist settlement and gang fight. 

As a civilized country, we Malaysians had experienced  a lot things in hard and hurdles way during three period of difficulties i.e. our colonization era, our Japanese Occupations and our post independence era ( Fight against communist). Even we have passed our biggest economic transition from agro-based nation to high industrialized country. We are proud that both nation and its people have matured in their thinking to balance between their judgment and decision before performed or take any serious action as the repercussion is beyond imagination of not doing so.
When looking back on what had happened to all of my friends who shared theirs life stories, their journey from our schooling time up to the days we met, I can honestly say that I am proud to have them in my life. Each of them telling true story that beyond our thought. Even nobody expected someone like SHAIFUL EMLEE could make a bold move in his personal life.. Something that rock the world!!!!...

Shaiful Emlee with his so called "bearing" story, Razi with plan to drive up to Bintulu, Loleh with his killing the old man matter, Kamal with his Futsal program, Zaihan with his photography experiences, Shamil with his forex games, Adzrezan with his life at university.. myself..? Yeah.. being a good listener is always my forte... And at the end Shaiful still owe all of us of his bearing.. The small jade balls installed at one part of his body as to stimulate blood pressure and improve health condition.

Here ,, I share with you all picturesque of the event:

The next gathering shall be planned again soon... We let DJ Kamal to do all the protocols while leaving the junior friends as event paymaster as a Senior's Protection Fee... hehehehehehe.. Protect from what?... I really dont know...

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