Sunday, March 6, 2011


A SPHERE OF UNITY symbolizes the unity of multi- racial Sarawakians who fought for the national freedom and nurtured the FRIENDSHIP among its PEOPLE portrayed by the establishment of FRIENDSHIP GLOBE, a great symbol located at TAMAN SAHABAT, BDC, KUCHING. While the nation is being promoted with 1Malaysian Concept, our fellow SARAWAKIANS were ahead of this. We are proud to be the nation that pioneered the Concept of 1Malaysian. With more than 20 ethnic races, we are the only nation where multi races and cultures blended perfectly among us.

Its normal to see a Malay people mixed with Chinese and sit together having a light drinks and talk about something they used to discuss in common. We saw Ibans and Orang Ulu walk side by side along the street leading to the Sunday Market and shared spaces to sell their products from their farms without fear. The mutual respect among our people speak louder than what people talk about 1Malaysian. Our cultures and heritage were shared by all races of people of Sarawak. We all believe that only unity could bring us to the greater height and record our achievement. Our unique unity praised forward and recognized abroad. Our friendship expanded globally..

The friendship between Malaysia and China commemorated with the arrival of Admiral Zheng He to Malacca as a duty to escort Princess HAng Li Po to marry Sultan Mansur Syah of Malacca. This Zheng He aka Cheng Ho  was an admiral, a diplomat and an explorer during Dynasty Ming. Known as Ma He, he was born in 1371 to a poor Hui ethnic family in Yunnan Province. Emperor Yong Le selected him to lead one of epic expedition to the South East Asia. Zhang He made the first historical voyage with the biggest naval expedition in 1405 ahead of voyage made by Christopher Columbus.

With 300 ships and 28,000 crews, Zhang He had visited more than 37 countries located in the South East Asia Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and even Africa. All in all he had made 7 voyages in 37 years!!! Most of the followers during his trip to Malacca settler at Bukit Cina. Male and female descendants of these people from mixed marriage with the native now is called Baba and Nyonya respcetively.

Why this statue is here in Sarawak not in Malacca? Simply to signify that no matter who you are, what  race in your blood, as long as you can respect each other and understand the true purpose of UNITY then no matter who you are , all nations will be behind you and support you all the way...


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