Saturday, April 2, 2011


When visiting Sarawak, don't forget to visit Sarawak Islamic Museum located across the road. My latest visit to this place was around 3 years ago. Not many thing changed except some structures damages here and there signifying the aging of the building. All the exhibits were from Muslim civilization including Prophet Muhamad double sided sword.

Amazingly, most of the artifacts were properly kept and restored. From weaponry up to cultural items, all are exhibited nicely with no drastic changes since my last visit. I took this photos silently as visitors are prohibited from doing so. However, I have my good reason for doing that. Not for any terrorism activities or any illegal activities. I took photos so that I can used them to promote this Islamic Museum to the blog world as part of my contribution to the State.
Hopefully, more people will spare their time visiting this place and value the precious time understanding the true history of Islam civilization and their influence in the nation building of the some part of the world including Sarawak. Many of us may not be able to remember our importance our future generation to know their past civilization, struggle through wars and battles, spreading this Holy Religion through out the world without any fist and force except respecting the individual belief.  Even, while Islam expanding their Great Empire, many do not know that during Islam conquering the world, they did not force other people to convert their religion but always remembered the great teachings from Al Quran to treat human with respect.

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