Sunday, February 6, 2011


This time, my kids are very excited to see what is inside the gift given by their aunties and uncles, friends and cousins.. Well lets take a look what inside .. Don't be surprised that parent are more interested to know than their child when it come to opening the gifts... Thank you again to all for such wonderful gifts..

Both Ellisha and Rania are jointly opening the presents with the assistance rendered by their mom. Everybody wondered what is the content insides. Oh yeah.. coming to 3 years old is not that simple especially when you have another sister to follow your back.. means anything belong to you will be shared with your sister.. In this case Rania... A 9 month old sister to Ellisha, she never compromises in controlling the toys. But of course the eldest always win the tussle.
When I was young I also have a lot of toys bought by my father. My other cousins who had even bigger collection of toys during their childhood times were my two cousins, FAMMY and AIDA ASRINA

As we grew up in different times, my toy collection is more to spring operated toys while Fammy had something like LEGO type of toys and small cars while AIDA had more collection of  remote controlled toys.. Whatever it is, we enjoyed and appreciated whatever our parent gave us. For my other cousins which I consider less fortunate, they used to enjoy Kampung Toys such as Peletop ( a toy made from shrubs and used wet papers as bullets), Meriam Buluh ( famous during Ramadhan) and most of the time played traditional games such Cengkek, Congkak, Batu Seremban, Rounders, Ghost Play etc. which I also participated and enjoyed.

Nowadays, very seldom seeing kids playing this kind of games. As the time passing by, the games also evolved. Most kids prefer playing PlayStation, Nintendo or even Laptop. No more interaction with friends through traditional games. Face book, Twitter, Friendster all popular social network available in the Net...
Even there are less children interested in socialize themselves in the Kampung Games, the culture of giving toys a birthday presents is well preserved. Some of the toys that I used to have during my childhood time remain available in the market. With a bit of modification and add-on, those toys  remain attractive for people to buy. Stainless steel cars remain strong in the market.. Every time  when we celebrate our kid's birthday, remember that we were like them before and used to be in their world. The like of toys always our number one priority.But now not just toys were chosen as a present during birthday time but  something like clothing, bags, stationery for schooling also being chosen as gift..That's a revolution..
As nowadays parent preferred to educate their kids not to do much playful things but one thing that taught me until today.

Reading books to learn something is not enough to educate our kids. They need some touchings and feelings too. Our children will not know how does it feel to have a bicycle IF we always asking them to see a picture of a bicycle in a book!!.. Besides toys developed child's mind to be more imaginative and creative. It nurtures critical thinking and positive mind... 

For a record, most of my cousins who had a bigger collection of toys turned to be ENGINEERS. FAMMY is an ELECTRONIC ENGINEER, LIA (Fammy's sister) is a CIVIL ENGINEER, AIDA is a CIVIL ENGINEER too while my other cousin, RINI IS about to become an ENGINEER too.. Me?. I am not an ENGINEER BUT I ENGINEERED ALL OF THEM TO BECOME AN ENGINEER.. Which means I am better than them hahahahahahahah....

When the party is over, the best moment awaited by our kids is when we open the presents for them and they are all getting their EXCITEMENT.. Normally the final end shall be some soft fighting among who's own what!..That really based on my experience.. Don't believe me..? Please spend your time watching my younger daughter, Rania... NAIK ANGIN... KECIK-KECIK SUDAH PANDAI NAIK ANGIN...ISH ISH..

People said like father like son, like mother like daughter... But in this case I let you be a judge... HA HA HA HA HA HA..
Bye for now....

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