Saturday, March 19, 2011


Wonder why SUPERWOMAN is so pretty, sexy and attractive as compared with other super-heroine?. Is it nicer to let them stay at home and cook for her husband and family?.. Pretty woman like JULIA ROBERTS or ANGELINA JOLIE can be a good superwoman. Their sexy bodyline seems fits to the skin tight costume but it just a matter whether superwoman  really needs a tattoo on her hand. If yes then we should replace ANGIE for  KATHERINE HEIGL..

Why JULIA?..She is gorgeous babeh!.. Starring in all box office movies Julia has the package to become a SUPERWOMAN. Famous of her film played with Richard Gere " PRETTY WOMAN" I feel that Julia can be a suitable person to become a real superwoman.  Of course as you know, a superwoman actually does not have a consistent and permanent relationship with any guy as she is so busy helping other people! But as long as she keeping wearing that blue skin tight clothing, as a man I dont mind to watch her movie again!..

How about Angie?.. She pretty too right? Becoming a Tomb Raider really mades her so sexy and attractive but she maybe considered to become a next SUPERWOMAN if she can do one thing --------> remove her tattoo!!!.. Superwoman should not have a tattoo even in real life baby!... No matter how good you are and how pretty you are, as a Superwoman always give a good example to others in minimum ways... Forget about her personal life for becoming Mrs Smith with Brad, Angie should think of how to make her the best superwoman ever seen by her fans.  I am not truly her fans except I like the way she smiles and talk. To have her as a Superwoman is a good idea too but if her tattoo remains an issue here then why dont we look better Superwoman ---- why dont we get Katherine Heigl..?

Kat?.. Wow.. A nice choice!. Even she look so soft as compared with Angie, sometimes we need a Superwoman who has a soft characteristic to hide her. Ever voted as the most beautiful woman on earth, Kat has all man wanted from head to toe. Thats physical appearance. Inner side? I don not know that. Of course I am not her husband or boyfriend.. Her fame started with her role as Isabel Evans in the UFO series "ROSWELL" before entering wide screen movies.  The Movie Entertainment used to label her as an "ex model with a strong feminism streak". I do not expect her to become Superwomen unless Julia was not accepted as Kat is the best to become a CATWOMAN due to her love and care of animal. She worked with Best Friends Animal Society in a program transports small dogs from high-kill animal shelters to other parts of the US where there is a greater demand for such dogs. Her involvement in this led her to give Best Friends a grant which would fund a year of the program.

No matter who become a SUPERWOMAN, I still believe that our mothers and our wives always be the best SUPERWOMAN we had ever had. They can do ll things that a man cant do. No surprise when people say   "a women who ROCK the cradle can rock the world".
Even these days, I still presume that all of us notice about this but never appreciated what they have done to us as a man. So lets give a great applause to all ladies around the world. Especially to this SPECIAL SUPERWOMAN.....

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