Sunday, August 7, 2011

Larry Crowne - A Motivational Movie

Regardless of his personal background, Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actor. Since the success of Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryans as well as The Green Miles, most of his acting role gave motivational morality that inspired people. His new movie, Larry Crowne will be another good movie to watch especially to those who need extraordinary thing to set fire of their life.

With Julia Roberts in this comedy romantic movie is seen as a good casting combination in which Julia and Tom had some kind chemistry with their acting look so natural. This is in contrast with Pretty Woman and Angel and Demons where both individually acted before. 

This movie is all about the middle-aged Navy veteran Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is was fired from his job at a big-box store, despite his seniority and satisfactory work (9 times awarded as Employee of the Month), because the company has decided that his lack of a college education impedes any chance of advancement.(Trying to tell the audience the importance of education certificate to climb a career ladder..Sometimes it hurts to accept the fact that in some corporations the need of such qualifications are critical for one person survival).
At college, Larry makes friends quickly with his younger classmates, purchases a scooter, studies economics and begins to work at a diner kitchen, having been a Navy Cook. Larry also falls in love with an unhappily married teacher, MERCEDES (Julia Roberts).

Larry, who is divorced and lives alone, cannot find a job and he almost loses his house. A neighbor (Cedric the Entertainer) advises him to enroll in the local community college and get an education in order to get better opportunities in the future. (Source: Wikipedia)

The morale of the movie is that someone educational qualification always be the reason we get hired but also the best reason we get fired... Somehow rather, we believe that our future cannot be determined just by having a bundle of professional qualification. By working hard we still can achieve what we want..That's entrepreneur....

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