Sunday, March 6, 2011


I was pretty boring today as my wife went outstation for official duty. So I called my old friend, Sofrie to accompany me to buy some plants, fertilizers and top soils from landscape nursery for my gardening works tomorrow. We wen to FATA GARDEN located on the BDC Housing Scheme. This nursery is quite isolated from public views so only those regular customers are familiar with this nursery. Sofrie who used to be a regular customer led me to these nursery. While we are on the way to our targeted location, some housing scheme really caught my attention since I am a house design enthusiast. 
The was one detached house really interest me. With great landscape and the choice of color scheme, this house looked perfectly blended with surroundings. Its designer really took into details on all aspects for perfect design from the choice of color, overall architectural appreciation even the breeze aspect of wind by providing gaps on its fencing and gates. I am not really understand the reading of Feng SHUI or YIN & YANG in  designing the building but I knew from the design of this house, the owner really take much care and consideration on this two aspects.

I made some 20 minutes enjoying the view of the house whose I think belongs to the philantropic Chinese businessman which I dont know the name. But I really like this house. However, its pretty quiet with only a gardener seen doing some works at the garden areas and do some cleaning works at the swimming pool.

When we reached the nursery, we realised that along the way to the place, there were beautiful trees and landscapes works at both sides of the roads.And the to add the neighborhood  more interesting is the housing scheme design. Contemporary design with  greater concern on the frontage architecture, structural functioning as well as esthetics's values.  This housing scheme really impressed me and challenge my thought of having this kind of design for my own one day..

As fas as I know, I never seen this kind of design house being built at Petrajaya except one design done by PJ Properties at Jalan Astana and another one done by OBYU Development but at small scale. I did not know why but the price is also quite expensive. I wan informed that to buy this house unit will simply cost between RM450k - RM500k. Maybe due to limited units. 
Therefore I hope more house design with better functional will be built at Petrajaya and in massive number so that the price can be reduced a bit. However, nevertheless  I give salute to the the architect and the contractor who build and did it!.. Double thumb up!

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