Thursday, March 10, 2011


Recognise this place..? RJ AYAM PENYET KOPITIAM is one of the popular eatery place in Kuching. Famous for its NASI AYAM PENYET an Indonesia's cuisine, RJ is another success story of young BUMIPUTRA entrepreneur, famously being called as MELANA, an old friend of mine. 

I went there with my friend Sofrie after scaling the whole Kuching City looking for cheap flower pots and plantings for my gardening activities on Sunday and its happened to be my first time having my dinner  here. The place is so quiet but filled with customers. With LCD TV hanging here and there for those football fans of English Premier League (EPL) up to lines of old potraits of Kuching sticked on the walls leading to the rest rooms, RJ attracted us to stay a bot longer. A nicely played music with instrumental sound added with classical interior design and blended well with brown and dark chocolates color, making this place so comfortable to meet friends.

My friend has made an  ordering of PECAL LELE while I am asking for RAJA NASI AYAM PENYET BAKAR. Both taster nice and since this is the first time coming to this place , the owner served us a complimentary CUCUR PISANG with CHEESE.. Really like it....

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