Friday, March 18, 2011


Anybody know the real secret of why PREDATOR working so hard looking for ALIEN?.. iF YOU DONT KNOW I LET YOU KNOW TODAY. Get ready with the most embarrassing and hot scandals ever made known to public... Nobody really know that behind the scene of Predator Movies, he actually had a wife called PREDATRESS.. He loved her so much until one fine day, PREDATRESS got pregnancy..Predator was so happy to receive the news that he gonna get a baby and become a FATHER.. 

He took care of PREDATRESS so much to make sure that his baby are safe and delivered on time. Its took him over 5 years waiting for a baby, so this time he will not take any STUPID moves as what he had done before.. Went hunting for ALIENS and YET all those ALIENS got away without even single traces until today. Some of the ALIENS he killed had cursed him to death but HE did not believe it.

Predatress suffered a pregancy illness for 12 months before being able to deliver baby. As this is her first time giving birth to her own childs, such experience and suffering will give her a lifetime memories. Predatress is a very sexy wife of Predator. Even Alien also liked her very much although they are not from the same species. Except the fact that her face is uglier than any human butt, Predatress is a loyal wife. That is why Predator really loves her..

The moment of truth then arrived. Predatress safely delivered a BABY BOY. Predator felt so happy but   after looking and staring at  the baby for a few moment , he went out from delivery ward red faced filled with anger . Nobody knows why he behaved like that until Part Two Predator vs Alien released. But yet still nobody could unleash the riddles between the two species. Not even me as a researcher of this chronicles at first seems not even understand the real battle between the two until I saw a photo of PREDATOR'S first child. .. Maybe somebody will understand why PREDATOR hates Alien so much. Is it really a CURSE or there was a secret relation between predatress and alien?.. I try not to guess to AVOID BEING SUED BY EITHER PREDATOR OR ALIEN.. I chose not to fight both sides at one time but sometime somehow I need to explore further to find the best explanation and to know what was actually happened..

News on angry predator then spread widely and received overwhelming response from the public. At that moment aliens just enjoy great moment watching BASEBALL GAMES at NEW YORK YANKEE'S STADIUM and made dont know about the news. For them, it is only a curse. That is all about!. What made ALIEN FELT THAT ITS THEIR DESCENDANT CURSE ON PREDATOR,,  THE COST PREDATOR WOULD BEAR FOR KILLING MANY OF ALIEN KINDS!!!!..

Predator eventually caught face to face with ALIEN and they fought for their own lives on the field. All audience could not do anything except becoming part of the battle and MADE SOME BETTING. Everybody get hurt as the result of the fights. Alien suggested to Predator to take another way to settle their disputes without hurting anybody, human or alien!..

At last both of them mutually agreed with the solution.Those who win will make a public apology and accept all the consequences , to admit the mistake that they have done from past decades and to end all hatreds and agreed to accept MIXED MARRIAGE as mentioned in 1Malaysia Spirit. The loser also swear not to fight against each other and flirting with other species wives. 

After due consideration and long thought, both ALIEN AND PREDATOR AGREED TO SETTLE THEIR DISPUTE BY........ 


I heard both of them did not achieve any victory except a DRAW result.... NO WONDER I DIDN'T HEAR ANY MOVIE  STARRED BY THEM QUITE A WHILE.. APPARENTLY THE DISPUTE IS AMICABLY SETTLED, HUH!! 



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