Tuesday, July 15, 2014


At the hotel, we were surprised to know that there were another Amansari Hotel located within city center and what we have booked was the one at the top of the hill facing the Strait of Tebrau. We mislooked on this actually as we never thought there were another hotel with the same name at the same areas. 

4. But even the hotel are quite far from the city center, we still feel comfortable with the room provided. It was a very fortunate event. otherwise we may need to look for another hotel and some cash may burnt out again!. We booked three rooms to cater everybody comfortably.

5. We took a short break and rest then we went to the nearest shopping mall at the city center namely Johore Bahru City Square for a window shopping.

Then we went up to the food place namely Dapur Kita located at the top floor, looking for food. So hungry....

7. Nyum.. nyum.. It's Friday. Actually I skipped Friday prayer on that day but being a musaffir, I prayed Zohor. 

8. And after having our lunch, the lunch was awesome. For four persons eatings, that kind of price was quite reasonable. Its a shopping mall, remember. 

Tomorrow our next destination WOULD BE?... Universal Studio here we come......

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