Saturday, August 9, 2014


1. From Amansari Express Hotel in Johore Bahru, we need to hire one SUV at a cost of RM 700 per day complete with Chauffeur as we are not familiar with the road and direction to cross Johore Causeway..But before that we need to get ready all the Immigration Form duly filled and attached with Passport. You can get the form from the chauffeur that you hired. He will help you to get the form. Its free....... Actually we came to Johore together with a family of my friend, Azman Hassan. So he did the travel arrangement quite well. I just made the hotel booking at One  more thing, you  need to but entrance ticket via online, otherwise you will be waiting at the ticket counter for a little bit of time. 

2. The journey gonna takes 2 hours depending on the flow of traffic at the causeway and at Singapore Checkpoint. So you need to get up early in order to get to USS on time. Dont wanna miss anything as the entertainment start as early as 10am.

3. The road entering to Universal Studio Singapore was a bit unique. Since the place located on top of reclaimed area, I thought there is no way for them to put the access road underground but they did it!.. The main entrance already attracted you to enter. Of course we dont say much on the back of the picture as I dont do gambling at the casino...!

4. The only thing that proved the visiting is taking picture at USS Globe. Dont miss it! It is one the landmark for this place. A few shot will do. So once we entering the place, the first person we met was Mr Charlie Chaplin... We took several photoshot with "him"...

to be continued......

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