Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Have you ever think of living in a container..? I do.. That is why I always searching for good design of container homes. A cargo container is an alternative way of building a space called home. Many architects and engineers used containers as basic design for a home. Many people around the world started to accept the normality of a container a part of their life. Old Containers covered most spaces at sea ports with less disposal alternatives. The recent trend in modern life had transformed the containers from used material into formidable and useful component to build a home for people. In Malaysia where the local regulations are yet transformed and innovated saw this kind of architectural piece of art  as unsafe and not suitable for a living. The less we could see is containers aka cabin used as temporary site office and for accommodation but yet reaching to luxury and comfortable place to stay. While I hope the next generation will appreciate what the engineers and architects are doing to used containers, I bring you some of the containers design in was built at very reasonable cost but yet maintains its artistic values:

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Serge said...

Some of these homes sure look elegant! They sure beat those homes made from bricks and stones!


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